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About Us

We are a group of hardworking, performer-forward porn lifers dedicated to making sick fantasies come true with a lot of sweat, tears, and lube!

Filthy Femdom's ace crew members are some of the best in the business, many with years of on-set experience. Still, we strive to provide industry veterans and newbies alike with support and guidance—to promote their professional growth and, even more important, to ensure that they abide by our guiding principles and core values. To this end, all Filth Syndicate crew members must sign a code of conduct.

The entire Filthy production team pours heart and soul into making porn that everyone on set—from performers to PAs—can feel proud of. We are committed to professionalism, efficiency, and delivering reliably outstanding movies to our vendors and fans. We welcome feedback from everyone we work with, recognizing that this valuable input can help us up our game with each production we complete. And our top priorities are the well-being of performers, conducting our business in a transparent, aboveboard fashion, and promoting those values within the larger adult industry.

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