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How to Worship a Goddess: Cuckolded and Taught a Lesson!

Goddess Jet Setting Jasmine is not satisfied with your performance as a service submissive. She’s so disgusted with your sad attempts to please her that she decides to invite King Noire into her bedroom to show you how to pleasure her. King Noire is tall, well-muscled, with a rock-hard cock, and the confidence you were born without. Tough you will never measure up to such a man, but maybe you’ll learn something from today’s lesson! Goddess Jasmine shows you the correct way to worship a woman beginning with her perfect toes and feet. She sensuously describes the pleasure she feels when King uses his soft lips and strong hands on her body. King Noire works his way up her leg and uses his powerful tongue on her pussy, running it over her clitoris and making her sigh with pleasure while you watch. You dream of getting close enough to her to smell her perfume, let alone the intoxicating scent of her loins. Jasmine compares your pathetic little cock to King’s huge beautiful cock. She enjoys wrapping her lips and mouth around him, but would never think to give your puny cock that kind of attention. The Goddess uses her perfect lips and mouth to arouse King even further, making sure his legendary dick is as hard as possible. She wouldn’t even glance at your puny member unless it was to embarrass you, like now, comparing trash to treasure. As you take in the imagery of two all-powerful beings becoming one, undulating, writhing, gasping mass of pure sexual prowess and pleasure, you realize just how ineffective any submission you offered really was. You cannot look away as Goddess Jasmine works King Noire into a heated, pulsating frenzy before he releases his hot, sticky load all over her perfect curves.

42 min of video


Rating: 5.0/5.0

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