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Worship her Magnificent Feet

Mistress Ashley Paige has been on her feet all day long and they are sore, so sore. What she needs is a nasty little foot freak like you to come alleviate her pain, relax those perfect arches, tend to those perfect little toes. Do you think you can do that? Sexy feet like hers should not be hurting, they should massaged, kissed, and licked, because that’s what foot slaves are good for. Let’s put that willing, slutty tongue of yours to work. She puts her feet together and flexes her arches exposing the gap between them and with her finger points to exactly where your tongue should be, in that gap, so she can footfuck your tongue. She wiggles her toes to give you glimpses of her deep red toe polish. Just look at those ten perfect, pedicured treats for you to suck on. Stick out your tongue and lick her feet, that’s right. Suck on her arches you filthy little foot slut. We all know this isn’t the only thing you came here for. You can imagine there’s other ways you can help Mistress Paige relax but for now stay focused like the filthy little foot licker that you are. Open your mouth nice and wide, spit on her toes and lick it up. Be a good boy and get it nice and clean. Let’s see what that tongue can do. Now close your fucking mouth you nasty little footpig Mistress Paige has something else for you to look at and afterall, its her pleasure that we’re really here for. “Feet are great, but the pussy holds all the power.” Now behold that beautiful slit trapped just between her sheer lingerie. She wants your hands to keep stroking that rock hard cock of yours while she strokes her beautiful, dripping pussy. Keep stroking for her nice and slow while you watch Mistress Paige. Now get a big ball of spit ready and let it drip out of your mouth onto your cock while you stroke. Keep in mind, Mistress Paige gets to cum first, that’s the only orgasm that matters. Keep stroking but don’t you dare fucking cum. Stroke harder and faster while she fucks herself, like you’re almost worthy to touch her, to please her. Open your filthy hole so her size 11s can go down your throat. Make them clean and be a good boy while you stroke. She grabs her vibrator and turns around to show you her perfect ass. Don’t stop stroking, you better watch as she makes herself cum with her vibrator. The bottom of her soles are facing her ass, that big beautiful ass that you haven’t earned. Keep watching as she shoves her fingers into her dripping wet cunt, pressed the vibrator hard onto her clit. She tells you to bring yourself right to the edge and stop and just watch her cum. Now she’s gonna give you a countdown, are you ready?

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