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Club Cuck: Jet Setting Jasmine Humiliates Dillon Diaz at King Noire's Bar

When Jet Setting Jasmine sets a date, she expects her suitor to be on time and looking sharp. Tonight, however, Dillon Diaz is a no-show, leaving Jasmine alone at a nightclub, waiting in vain. King Noire owns this club and hates to see a lady frowning, so he sends Jasmine a drink to make her smile while she waits. To his surprise, King finds that Jasmine is still waiting, even after closing. As they get to know one another, it isn't long before they both forget all about the date that brought her there, until Dillon Diaz shows up looking like the idiot he is! As Dillon makes excuses and begs for forgiveness, Jasmine is angered even further. Jasmine lets him know If he truly wishes to make it up to her he will have to make amends and earn her favor. This is going to be a long night for Dillon, but for Jasmine, the party is just getting started. First, Jasmine commands Dillon to lick and grovel at her feet, then strip down for her so she can clamp his nipples. Dillon is nude, vulnerable, and whimpering in the middle of the club while Jasmine flogs and sharply crops him over and over as King Noire watches in amusement. Next, she introduces Dillon to a leather strap. Continuing the humiliation, Jasmine bends Dillon over and fucks his tight asshole and, if he couldn't be humiliated further, Jasmine invites King Noire, a true dominant, to fuck her while she penetrates this whiny cuck. King Noire fucks Jasmine from behind while she effusively describes the depth of the pleasure that King is giving her while she destroys Dillon's hole, detailing all the lewd sensations that Dillon will never experience because he couldn't even arrive on time. Since Dillon is useless as a man, Jasmine decides he is more valuable as a piece of furniture and uses him as a fuck box, making Dillon stay on all fours while she leans on him, legs wide, and King Noire takes his time deeply fucking her so that Dillon can feel every thrust he'll never make, Jasmine screams with delight and beneath her Dillon can feel every shudder, every moan and every twitch of Jasmine's hot sexy body. Jasmine straddles poor Dillon while she sucks King's cock and Dillon can feel her wet pussy on his back, a pussy that will forever be denied him. Jasmine forces Dillon to lay on his back. His punishment is over and now she simply wants him to see what he missed by showing up so late. As Jasmine positions herself, straddling Dillon's head with her knees and presenting her dripping cunt for King to enter from behind, Dillon now has the best seat in the house, treated to a close-up pounding that puts him to shame. After a long hard fucking Jasmine slaps Dillon's useless dick. Then she tells Dillon to jack off while she and King watch. The final insult comes when Jasmine licks King's cock until he cums, dropping his load right on Dillon's face. That's the last little worm that wastes her time.

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