Skylar Snow Loves to Torment Sad Little Plaything

Skylar Snow knows, even if you don’t, how lucky you are. She doesn’t tell you exactly what you’ve done to earn her good graces today, but it must have been something truly monumental, because she’s ready to give you the business. She knows you want it – her silky soft hands, her luscious mouth, her delicate pink tongue – and for some reason, you lucky son-of-a-bitch, today’s your day.

Maybe you saved her dog from getting hit by a car? Or scared away some burglars? That would explain the sexy black fishnet body stocking she’s mostly wearing. That would be a good reward – but the way she goes to town on your cock is above and beyond for that kind of thing. I mean, she’s actually sucking it, licking it, and usually, you’re lucky if she even gives it a sideways glance while you’re on your knees doing…well, doing whatever it is she asks of you, as per usual. It looks like you won the getting-off-with-your-mistress lottery, though – she even lets you rub that hard dick against her hot, wet pussy and tease her tight backdoor with the head.. Maybe she’ll even let you slide it in there.

Well, no, not that. Not today, kid. You knew when you walked in – well, probably crawled in, right? – that Skylar Snow likes to tease, and that doesn’t change just because you were an extra good boy for a day or two. You get your cock down that velvety throat, but don’t get too big for your britches. As long as she’s in control, she gets to decide when you come – and where. Oh, and if you come – don’t forget there’s a solid chance she’ll decide that some sucking is good enough for the likes of you. Man, it would be total agony if she sucked your dick for a half hour, teased you with that silky red hair, those pouty lips, those big, full, lush tits, those tight, inviting holes  – and then didn’t let you come anywhere. That would just not be fair. But then again, it’s not your pleasure she cares about, is it?

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