This week we’re chatting with the stunning Korra Del Rio about femdom! Sign up for the latest Filthy Femdom jerk off instruction video starring Korra!

What do you love about femdom?

I love the trust that’s put into me. I love the control and even more so I love making my partners moan and squirm and scream. I’m a giver after all!

How does it make you feel to be in control of someone’s orgasm over the internet?

It makes me feel powerful, connected, and just really happy because while cumming is fun edging and denial and toying with expectations is the icing on top. I love role playing and fantasies. The internet is the perfect tool for my smut making lifestyle.

Traits of your ideal sub?

Submissive, good listener, loud moaner, and Unafraid of being both blind and bound for my entertainment.

What is your favorite fetish?

I’m torn between objectification and liquids like spit, lube, slime, oils, etc. I’m such a slut for that feeling of a thick liquid on my skin. Even better if sensory deprived or covering someone bound and at my mercy. Get them nice and wet and use them for my own pleasure.

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