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About Natalie Mars

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Get on your knees and behold a sexy and seductive Natalie Mars dressed head to toe in shiny latex. She knows you want to worship her body you pathetic little slave. But will you be lucky enough to get close to her? Are you deserving enough to even be allowed to touch that cock of yours? You’re going to have to earn it by licking her up and down and worshipping her boots. Starting at the toe and slowly working your way up to her crotch. Use your tongue all over her and get her latex nice and shiny. She knows just how much you like being her little slut and how much you want to be a good boy for her. She turns around to show you her ass, tells you she’ll smother you with her booty and have you begging for air. She begins to finger her asshole and then turns to show your her delicious tits–a little reward for a good little slut like you. Now she’ll let you take your dick out and she’ll take her cock out with you. Keep stroking your cock, make it nice and hard. She’s touching her cock as well and caressing her body up and down. Don’t you dare cum. Now she’s on her back with her legs in the air and tells you to stroke your cock faster and tug on your balls with your other hand. Don’t cum yet even though you want to so badly. She tells you to slide a finger up your ass while you stroke your cock, and then another finger. Stroke that cock while you stretch out that asshole. She tells you to get right to the edge and stop over and over again. But don’t cum until Natalie says so, because she owns your orgasm and is going to make you beg to cum. And as you beg keep stroking, if you’re good she might give you a countdown until you blow that giant load and make you lick up your mess.

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