The act of cuckolding can be traced back to ancient times. The Greeks included it in their mythology, and the Bible declares it as a sin in the Ten Commandments. It literally means, to have sexual relations with another man’s wife. The threat that it poses to one’s masculinity is great and so we can presume that inversely the thrill for the fetishist is just as profound. There are many ways one can wrap one’s mind around the cuckold. There is the physical act itself, the fucking and sucking. There is the possibility of exploiting one’s jealousy for an unexpected pleasure rush and the literal comparison of one’s penis to a potentially much larger one. For me, cuckolding is in essence, the act of exploding open the doors of Possession with the dynamite of a stranger’s sexual performance. Through some exploration you may find that milking the sentiment of one’s own inadequacy may reveal some deep psychological tendencies that are begging to be stroked. That may be your anti-ego, the inner beta to your alpha, your undeserving and humiliated self all need some attention. And who better to enhance them but your Mistress and her stud?

Of course, there is hesitation, it is quite taboo. One could argue it goes against everything a man has been taught to believe about himself, his woman, and his cock. But therein lies the appeal. It is so unfathomable to the Self that as a result it’s so deeply stimulating for the Psyche. A modern spin on “Penis Envy” (spoiler alert: Freud is a cuck!) Sometimes a cigar is just a cigar and other times it’s that a man can hardly resist obscuring his own dick by watching the object of his desire getting pleasure from another man who is much more equipped. A total eclipse of the cock. Your penis is the moon cast into a shadow by the sun burning much, much brighter.

And I do not mince words when I say, “The Sun.” Imagine a dick so powerful and strong the whole universe would stop to revolve around it. But instead of the universe it’s your Mistress’ mouth, lips, and dripping wet pussy. Not only revolving, but wrapped tightly around it. Imagine a long, thick cock so beautiful your mouth is watering just watching her eyes fixed on it. She stops to look at you, looking disappointed, and then returns to her prize. But not only is he strapped, but he is also godlike. To her, he is a real man. Ready to fuck her better than you ever could.

But then imagine he is not a man. She is strapped. Maybe you discover one day that it’s your girlfriend’s best friend who has the power to really please your beloved. That all this time you been overlooking their affection as platonic they were developing their own lesbian dynamic complete with a strap-on dildo much bigger than yours. And the beauty is, not only is she bigger than you but she will never go soft. Her ability to please is practically infinite and behind that silicone, dick is a mind that knows a woman’s body in and out, as if it were her own. She has tits, an ass, and a giant cock. How could you possibly compete with that?

I’m here to simply tell you, you can’t. So stop trying. You’re better off sitting there and enjoying what there is left. Put frankly, the scraps. You get to watch now and you should feel oh so lucky to do just that. Some would hardly expect to be able look upon the completion of their unfinished business—but for the cuck it is their greatest joy. So let that be clear, if you have the opportunity to watch, recognize it is not just an opportunity, but a gift.

Give yourself the gift of being cucked, the gift that just keeps on giving (and giving). She’ll love it and he’ll love fucking her, and you…well you just get to watch.

A win for all.


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